Computer guided template based dental implant

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Case Reports in Dentistry

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Computer Guided Implantology Accuracy and Complications

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This purpose of this article is to describe the various applications of static-template, computer-guided implant surgery and how it can improve patient outcomes compared to more traditional methods. Using Computer-Guided Implant Surgery to Achieve Predictable Treatment Outcomes | CDEWorld - Continuing Dental Education.

Computer guided template-based implant placement will be discussed as a precise and predictable tool in the planning and in the execution of the implant placement. The objective is to enable the placement of the implant in a way that secures the highest predictable success with the least complications.

Using Computer-Guided Implant Surgery to Achieve Predictable Treatment Outcomes

The advent of computer-guided implant placement has given surgeons new levels of confidence regarding the safety of surgical procedures, precise implant placement, and, often, the opportunity to perform less-invasive surgery.

Computer guided (static) implant surgery is defined by the use of a static surgical template, using a scanned radiographic guide as reference, giving the clinician the opportunity to perform a predictable, personalized and non-invasive implant intervention that does not allow intra-operative modification of the planned implant position.

The aim of this systematic review was to analyze the dental literature regarding accuracy and clinical application in computer-guided template-based implant dentistry. The computer guided surgery is a useful procedure when based on an accurate 3D CT-based image data and an implant planning software which minimizes errors.

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Computer guided template based dental implant
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