Nike stock valuation

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5 Top Stock Trades for Monday

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Nike, Inc.

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Introduction. Nike (NYSE:NKE) is the undisputed market leader in athletic footwear and sports apparel in the world, with enormous brand value and market leadership in many regions abrasiverock.comr. Exploring Nike (NYSE:NKE) stock? View NKE's stock price, price target, dividend, earnings, financials, insider trades, news and SEC filings at MarketBeat.

S&P NKE - Nike Stock Price, News, & Analysis Sign in or create an account to add this stock to your watchlist. Sales & Book Value. Annual Sales$ billion. Price / Sales Paying users zone. Data is covered by. Get 1 month access to Apple Inc.

for $, or. get full access to whole website for at least 3 months from $ The Discounted Free Cash Flow Model Problem: 6 Example Valuing Nike Inc. Stock Using Free Cash Flow • If Nike has $ billion in cash, $32 million in debt, million shares outstanding, a tax rate of 24%, and a weighted average cost of capital of 10%, what is your estimate of the value of Nike’s stock in early ?

Interactive chart of historical stock value for NIKE over the last 10 years. The value of a company is typically represented by its market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. NIKE market value as of December 13, is $B.

A year by year calculation of the yearly returns of Nike, Inc. using the actual trading prices NKE stock was at during each respective year. All stock splits for NKE have also been listed.

Nike stock valuation
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