Stock projections

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The stock market took investors on a wild ride in October, and while more choppiness may lie ahead, there are reasons for optimism. As investors turn the page onI offer you 18 predictions for Take them with a grain of salt, however.

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Together, we CAN predict the stock market. Sinceour published Stock Forecasts have beaten the market by % annually. Investors should take predictions with a grain of salt.

Marijuana Stock Predictions 2018: Safest Plays for Marijuana Stocks

Last year, some 12 banks polled by Fortune said they expected the S&P to end between 2, to 2, Today, it’s nearing 2, The Inger Letter, has evolved over decades into a daily emailed stock market Analysis by Gene Inger; financial television pioneer; experienced money manager; original CNBC ‘Market Maven’; and periodic Top Timer in various market Indexes.

The Daily Briefing is distributed nightly and typically includes one or two videos as well as charts and analysis.

Stock projections
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